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What is SAMHELP?

 The ‘Substance Abuse Mental Health Educational Learning Program’ (SAMHELP) Initiative was launched during Mental Health Awareness Month led by artist advocate and music business professional Samantha Juels, talent manager and consultant Janie Jennings, sports industry professional Eleni Bedard, and talent agency professional Joya Rankins. Supported by an expanded network of entertainment industry professionals, SAMHELP focuses on teaching teams how to access appropriate substance abuse and mental health resources and create a better support system for entertainers. 


The SAMHELP initiative was created to build a better understanding of the nuances of the entertainment business and how to more effectively interact with clientele when working in talent-facing roles. This initiative is intended to encourage industry professionals to see and support the human they work with as opposed to just seeing the talent as a business or revenue center. When the bottom line is revenue generation, it is important to remember that revenue stops when talent is not healthy, stable, and supported. We consistently talk about substance abuse and mental health advocacy but artist teams are not usually the target audience. SAMHELP will form a clear understanding of the need for internal support with current professionals, while also building a new standard for incoming generations of industry professionals that will assist in creating a more powerful industry work environment.

Meet The Team


Samantha Juels

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Founder & Creator of SAMHELP


Janie Jennings

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Co-Founder of SAMHELP for Music


Eleni Bedard

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Co-Founder of SAMHELP for Sports


Joya Rankins

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Head of Speakers & Sponsors

UNIVERSITY WORKSHOPS (for future professionals)

Single-day event that will utilize internal campus resources (Diversity & Inclusion, Wellness Center, Counseling Center, and Medical Schools or Emergency Services), each with their own training activation.

Each participant will also receive hands-on training related to overdose and emergency response, as well as stress management and wellness

These event will be led by the SAMHELP team at each participating university/college for the first year, and can be repeated each year with or without our team to engage the next generation of Music and Sports professionals.

INDUSTRY EVENTS (for Established professionals)

Single-day conference-style event that will utilize information from licensed professionals who are experienced working with talent and amplify available resources, as well as professionals speaking to how those in their role can be more active as a support system.

Each participant will also receive hands-on training related to overdose and emergency response, as well as stress management and wellness.

These event will be held by the SAMHELP team at various major events in the Music and Sports industries throughout the year, engaging high-level professionals with an established client base.

How We Activate





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